- briquette
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Energie aus SŠgemehl
RUF Brikett-Presse
RUF Holzbrikett
RUF wood briquettes are made of dry wood shavings without the addition of binding agents.
RUF briquetting systems press individual wood briquettes, creating very high hydraulic pressure (1,711 kg/cm²) in the process. This causes the lignin resin which is contained in the wood to liquefy, causing the shavings to bind together in the shape of the well-known RUF briquette.

Technical data:  
Approximate size:  155 x 65 x 100 mm
Approximate spec. weight:  approx. 1.0 kg/dm³
  (depends on source material)
Energy content:  approx. 5.0 kwh/kg
  (depends on source material)