- briquette
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nachwachsender Rohstoff Holz
RUF Holz-Brikett
High density
Attain enormous heating capacity with RUF briquettes! Three
times the amount of split logs would be required to generate
the same amount of heating capacity as with RUF briquettes.

High energy content
of approx. 5.0 kWh/kg due to low water content (less than 12%).

Compare: With a moisture level of 50%, fresh-cut wood has an
approximate energy content of 2.3 kWh/kg (softwood, hardwood
2.2 kWh/kg). Dry wood (approx. 20% water content) has a heat
value of 4.02 kWh/kg (softwood, hardwood: 3.86 kWh/kg).

Long burn/glow rate

Easy to store
- requires little space due to convenient shape of RUF briquettes
- virtually dirt-free storage
- does not bring outside pests into the house

Ecological thinking 
Wood is a renewable resource, and is CO2 neutral in a broader

Optimised cost situation

Adapt the size of individual RUF wood briquettes
to the burning chamber of your wood stove.